Life is a Journey, Savor it.

What’s Next?

Where in the World?

Where in the World?


Volunteering at an Elephant Rescue. Cooking classes in Chiang Mai. A motorbike adventure through Northern Thailand. 3 Weeks in Burma working with refugees. Stand Up Paddleboard clinic in Vietnam. Sailing to New Zealand. Photo assignment on a slow boat in Laos. Speaking engagement in Java. Natural History tour through Indonesian islands. Mission to eat every kind of noodle in Southeast Asia. Chase the mango season for 6 months. Couchsurf in Cambodia. Meet up to float the Mekong. Dive a dozen islands in Thailand. Track Orangutans in Borneo. Write about palm oil monoculture.

Do you have an idea or suggestion for What’s Next?

Anything from where to stay to what to eat, where to go, someone to visit, something to do… I’m open to all of it and I’d love to hear your suggestions for  my next steps!

Leave a comment below to start the flow of ideas or drop me a line using the below form:


oh, & Thanks!

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