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Great Blue Yonder

Bags fully packed (ahem, over packed), gifts selected & loaded up, compression socks on, iPads, iBooks, iPhones, igadgets fully charged & updated, apartment packed up and vacated, stuff stored, friends hugged and hugged some more, shots updated, mess acquired, bills paid or suspended, tax documents organized, drycleaned clothes hanging, unwanted goods returned, dog surrendered, job completed, travel networking cards stocked, dentist visited, books downloaded, movie torrents leached, cried with family and friends, offered love and goodbyes and thanks for your love, tips, support & advice.

I’m in Chicago now. I’ve been through 2 airports and 2 security stations. My bag is checked, I’ve stocked up on coffee, water and moisturizer for eyes, skin & nose. Final calls made, thanksgiving cards written.

This is it: GO TIME.

I set off for the great blue yonder full of newborn wonder, receptiveness and immense gratitude. You are all such good people, thank you for sharing yourselves with me. I will never be able to express what you all mean to me. Thanks for you gifts, nurture them and your happiness.

This is just the beginning. Lets all give thanks. Lets let our eyes twinkle with love on this holiday.

Love and eyes on the blue.