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Hey Thailand, Call Me Maybe


“Hi Thailand. I just met you, and this is crazy, but [I love you] maybe.”

Only 24 hours in Thailand–Chiang Mai to be exact–and I’ve got a good feeling about this place. It could be that I’ve had roommates and ex’s who’ve spent time here, or maybe that I have Thai relatives and close family friends. Or maybe it’s the food that I’ve always had an affection for.

At any rate, I feel like I’m walking through a Pok Pok wonderland–only with more Thai people, and cute dogs, and buzzing motos, and red public transit buses.

20121219-202728.jpg                           20121219-203705.jpg

I can’t read Thai worth a lick and I suppose I’ll have an even worse time sorting out how to speak it (all those intonations!) but I’ll do my best nonetheless.

There are tons of coconuts, tons of markets, loads of fresh foods, yoga studios, cute dogs, a mountain and exploring aplenty enough to keep me busy for a month or so.

Yes, good times ahead. Now back to my meal…


Author: Lale Princey

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee I grew up weened on hot summer nights chasing fireflies and fall afternoons paddling creeks, climbing trees and kicking up leaves. The past ten(ish) years I called Oregon home and before that I dabbled in Asheville, North Carolina, Madagascar and plenty of places in between. In November, 2012 I broke loose of business suits & commutes for good. Now I test my meddle gallivanting through SE Asia and chasing down the uncommon. Follow my travels at

6 thoughts on “Hey Thailand, Call Me Maybe

    • ขอขอบคุณคุณ <–I don't have the first clue how to write that in Roman alphabet, much less how to say it!

      • HaHa.,.. My ex ….. was from Thailand. I can say a few words in thai……but I cannot spell them in the Roman alphabet either…..i can count to ten in Thai and say I love you very much….. it sounds like this…Cham lok Ter mock ma…….. I love Thai Curry and Thai food…… I almost moved there but fate did not let me……. my ex died three years ago but I have a beautiful part Thai daugher and grandaughter now…..

      • I’m in awe of friends who’ve been able to learn Thai, but then again, it may seem less daunting and more like a necessity after spending more time here.

        Perhaps Thailand is calling to you again….

  1. It sounds like you have been seduced by the food so far. Enjoy every moment. I hear it is a lovely country.

    Love to you

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