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This one time… In Borneo


This trip has immensely surpassed any expectations I had set for it. The youth cultural conference was too much fun and I think more an inspiration for me and my fellow speakers than even for many of the participants–at least it’s hard to imagine being any more inspired, humbled and amazed than we feel so I hope the participants also had life-altering/affirming experiences.

Have spent the last few days bumming around Kuching but, true to my nature, I grow weary of the city life. It’s been fun and I continue to learn, continue to make new friends however the woods call to me.

I have yet to see a monkey, orangutan or majestic hornbill–chasing after natural wonders will come soon enough however. For the time being it is simply wonderful to be basking in the company of friends and with myself as I fulfill my mission: Travel. Write. Learn.

I joked yesterday that if I’m doing two of the three it’s not a bad day. I do have some posts written but haven’t had the sustained opportunity to get onto the Internet to fiddle with proper formatting and publishing. Those will be coming shortly–at least before I leave Borneo next week.

Please keep checking back, leaving comments and also celebrating your own life.

Much love to all!

Author: Lale Princey

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee I grew up weened on hot summer nights chasing fireflies and fall afternoons paddling creeks, climbing trees and kicking up leaves. The past ten(ish) years I called Oregon home and before that I dabbled in Asheville, North Carolina, Madagascar and plenty of places in between. In November, 2012 I broke loose of business suits & commutes for good. Now I test my meddle gallivanting through SE Asia and chasing down the uncommon. Follow my travels at

4 thoughts on “This one time… In Borneo

  1. So glad to hear about yor travels. I would love to hear more about the conference.

  2. Lauren…. what a treat to receive your posts. Would love to hear more about the conference … and, when you can, post your blogs. Concentrate on travel and learning though…. writing will emerge…. Marjean

  3. I would love to know if you did find the Orang Utans. If you’re still in Kuching, take a morning trip out to Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Definitely worth checking out. I’m looking forward to reading through your adventures thus far!

    • It’s fruiting season so the rainforest is flush with produce–meaning the orangutans are quite content to lazily stuff their faces & avoid much movement or human interaction. This was true also at semenggoh so the human primates provided a nice substitute for entertainment.

      Ill return in a few months and try my luck again with orangutan spotting. I may also venture to Kalimatan, Indonesia where I hear there are some prime, very off the beaten path Orangutan sanctuaries and parks.

      Thanks for the tip and sharing your blog!

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